Monday, August 25, 2014

11 Days, 25 Films

The Toronto International Film Festival is once again coming around. Seeing as I live in the middle of it all, I will once again be going for the... let's say umpteenth time.

Maybe I'll get around to posting reviews of everything I've seen, maybe I won't. But here's the current list of 25.

Hautoa (The Dead Lands) - Maori warrior pre-colonization learns Maori martial arts to get vengeance on those who massacred his tribe.

Tokyo Tribe - Yakuza hip-hop gang war.

Welcome to Me - Borderline personality disorder Kristen Wiig wins 30 million dollars and starts her own talk show.

Délibáb (Mirage) - A man wanders through the middle of nowhere in Hungary and stumbles upon a farm. Bad things are in the past and future for him.

St. Vincent - Bill Murray is a crotchety old man babysitting a kid.

Kahlil Gibrain's The Prophet - Some great animators put poetic essays on screen.

Luna - Dave McKean's (Mirrormask, Neil Gaiman illustrator) second directorial effort promises more stunning collage work in a tale of some couple reconnecting on the British seaside.

Gentlemen - Swedish film about a guy telling a story of Swedish espionage and conspiracy.

Men, Women & Children - Jason Reitman's latest about teens and parents and sex and communication.

Ned Rifle - The end of Hal Hartley's Henry Fool trilogy. Which I was just introduced to a few weeks ago.

Love & Mercy - The tale of The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson.

A Midsummer Night's Dream - Julie Taymor filmed her version of the classic play.

Rosewater - Jon Stewart's directorial debut about an Iranian journalist's ordeal after he's accused of being a spy because he did an interview with Jason Jones on The Daily Show.

Red Army - A documentary about the Soviet hockey team and Slava Fetisov during the height of their hockey power.

Merchants of Doubt - A documentary about bullshit artists who call themselves "skeptics" (because they're paid to) to debate things like if cigarettes are bad for you or if climate change is happening, despite the overwhelming scientific consensus and evidence against them. I expect to leave furious.

The Imitation Game - Benedict Cumberbatch is Alan Turing.

Le Chanson de L'Eléphant (Elephant Song) - Reads like Primal Fear with Xavier Dolan and Bruce Greenwood in the Ed Norton and Richard Gere roles.

While We're Young - Noah Baumbach's latest about an artistic couple (Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts) who are stuck in a rut until he meets a young artistic couple.

Laggies - Keira Knightley plays an underachiever who freaks out and hangs out with some high schoolers until she meets one of their dads (Sam Rockwell) in Lynn Shelton's biggest film to date.

Pawn Sacrifice - Bobby Fischer (Tobey Maguire) vs Boris Spassky (Liev Shreiber) in one of the biggest chess matches ever... as Fischer's issues become apparent.

The Voices - Ryan Reynolds goes off his meds and bad things happen - probably because his dog and cat start talking to him.

Nightcrawler - Jake Gyllenhaal decides to become an accident paparazzo and takes it too far. I was uninterested in this until I saw the trailer.

What We Do In the Shadows - Jemaine Clement as one of a group of flatmate vampires trying to make it in the world today.

Before We Go - Chris Evans' directorial debut reads like a New York take on Before Sunrise.

Roger Waters The Wall - You know that epic tour a year or two ago? It was filmed. This is that film. Cheaper than tickets to the show were. Guess I should give the album a re-listen.