Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November movie reviews

The Dancer Upstairs
This movie is one of those arty political thrillers that, honestly, are pretty much hit or miss. All the conversations are veiled and twisty, there are many shots of furtive glances and playful school children right before a bomb goes off. Meh. This one is a miss. It's very long and none of the characters are particularly interesting. The fact that the title is the title, you right away know that the dancer upstairs is more than we think her to be, but the movie drags the "suspense" on forever.

Scenes from a Marriage
This movie is four hours long, is in Swedish and is 40 years old. Clearly, Netflix hates me. It was okay, I guess. But I can't recommend anyone watch this unless they are related to one of the actors in it or something.
It's just not worth the time and energy to basically read a movie for four hours.

Who Killed the Electric Car?
This is a documentary that is mostly well done. I did burst out laughing at the soccer moms crying and getting arrested because they wanted to save their electric cars. Good lord, if ever the hashtag #whitepeople was appropriate... This film tells the story of what happened when California passed an ordinance requiring zero emissions cars. And how Motor City made a compliant electric car, while at the same time unleashing their lawyers to fight the law. Lawyers won.

Sucker Punch
I thought this movie was going to be good. I was wrong. Dude. So so so wrong. I can't even give y'all a synopsis. There are scantily clad young girls doing erotic dances, though... if that's your thing.

The Trip
This movie has a "Dinner with Andre" feel. Two guys who have been friends for a while go on a roadtrip after the one dude's girlfriend breaks up with him and drops out of the trip. There is a resentment between them which simmers just below the surface as they banter and sing ABBA songs along the way. It's a good watch.

The Rocket
So... I think I meant to rent Bottle Rocket... not this biography of some Canadian hockey player. It's in French. OH, my favorite part though is when the hockey player guy writes a scathing editorial about the discrimination against French Canadians. I was all "wait, I thought all Canadians were French!" #noraces

Mystery, Alaska
This movie features some version of the New York Rangers. I was very excited about that...and then I wasn't. It's a flick about a hard scrabble bunch of hockey players from Alaska who get the chance to take on the big boys from the NHL. I think I was supposed to be rooting for them. I wasn't. *whistles*

I think the fact that I see this movie as a primer on child rearing, might be a reason I am childless. It's a great ride. You follow Hanna from her days living in the wild, killing deer, to her fight for her life against a covert government agency tracking her and her father. There is blood. Oh yes, there is blood.

Scream 4
The first 12 minutes of this movie is awesomesauce. However many minutes follow that, are a god awful waste of time, space and energy.

The Beaver
Um. Jodi Foster made a movie called The Beaver. *snickers* Actually, I think I liked this movie about a man at the end of his rope, who clings to a hand puppet as his last attempt to not kill himself. But I don't really remember much about it... the kids are annoying. Jodi Foster's character is surprisingly one dimensional given that she directed it...on second thought, maybe I didn't like this movie at all.

Everything Must Go
I liked Will Ferrell in this movie about an alcoholic who is fired from his job and kicked out of his house on the same day. I didn't even hate his little sidekick black kid. It's cute without a tacked on Hollywood ending.