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Old Doctor Who

Guest poster VinNay here. Ms. Summers requested a list of old Doctor Who episodes to watch, so here it is. This list assumes you have watched all of the new series (9th-11th Doctors). If not, go watch them already, and come back in a few weeks.

1st Doctor

The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve (4 episodes) -
Location: Paris, France. 1572.
Plot: Tensions between Protestants and Catholics.
Companions: Steven Taylor and Dodo Chaplet (her first appearance).
Historical Figures: King Charles IX of France, and Catherine de' Medici
Notes: This is only available as audio, and it is one of three Dr Who serials where all video has been lost. If you find a copy, BBC will pay you handsomely, and private collectors will pay you even more handsomely.

2nd Doctor

The Mind Robber (5 episodes)
Location: The Void, a realm outside of space and time.
Plot: Fantasy land weirdness.
Companions: Jamie McCrimmin and Zoe Heriot
Notes: The character called the Master in this episode in NOT the same character as the renegade Time Lord of the same name.

3rd Doctor

Inferno (7 episodes) -
Location: Earth. 1970. Parallel Earth. 1970
Plot: In a parallel universe, Great Britain is under a fascist regime.
Companions: Liz Shaw. The Brigadier General (U.N.I.T.)
Notes: Last appearance of the original TARDIS console.

The Time Warrior (4 episodes)
Location: Earth, 1974. Earth, Middle Ages.
Plot: Bandits in the Middle Ages find a crashed Spaceship.
Companions: The Brigadier General, Sarah Jane Smith
Notes: First appearance of both Sarah Jane Smith and the Sontarans. First mention of Gallifrey.

4th Doctor

The Ark in Space (4 episodes) -
Location: Space Station Orbiting Earth. ~35th Century.
Plot: Suspended Animation. Insect creatures. Cataclysm on Earth.
Companions: Sarah Jane Smith. Harry Sullivan.
Notes: Connects to 11th Doctor episode The Beast Below.

Genesis of the Daleks (6 episodes) -
Location: Gallifrey, Skaro (Dalek homeworld)
Plot: Beginning of the Time War. Time Lords send the Doctor to stop the Daleks from ever existing.
Companions: Sarah Jane Smith. Harry Sullivan.
Notes: Meet Davros.

The Hand of Fear (4 episodes)
Location: Earth, 1976, Earth, 150 million years ago.
Plot: Sarah Jane finds a fossilized hand that is 150 million years old.
Companions: Sarah Jane Smith
Notes: Last appearance of Sarah Jane as 4th doctors companion, sort of.

The Deadly Assasin (4 episodes) -
Location: Gallifrey.
Plot: President of the High Council is assassinated. The Doctor is the prime suspect.
Companions: None.
Notes: Set between Sarah Jane's departure and Leela joining the next story. The only story of the classic series to feature the Doctor without a companion.

The Robots of Death (4 episodes) -
Location: Remote Desert on a distant planet.
Plot: Crew of Miners start getting murdered.
Companions: Leela
Notes: Referenced by the 2007 Christmas special Voyage of the Damned.

The Talons of Weng-Chiang (6 episodes) -
Location: London, 1890's.
Plot: A fiendish plot involving Chinese tongs, disappearing women, an Oriental stage magician, a murderous ventriloquist's dummy and giant rats in the sewers.
Companions: Leela
Notes: Great episode, but beware of racial stereotyping.

Season 16 aka The Key To Time (26 episodes) -
Locations: Varies
Plot: The Doctor must recover the pieces of the Key to Time.
Companions: Romana I, K-9 Mk-2
Notes: Just watch the whole season.

City of Death (4 episodes) -
Location: Paris, France. 1979.
Plot: Mona Lisa is Stolen.
Companions: Romana II
Notes: Romana is the Doctors snarky Time Lord Companion. Some people think River Song might be a regenerated Romana. I'm not one of those people. Written by Douglas Adams.

5th Doctor

Earthshock (4 episodes)
Location: Earth. Some time in the future.
Plot: An investigation into the murder of a team of scientists in a complex of caves. Deadly androids are patrolling the tunnels, but what are they protecting... and for whom are they working?
Companions: Adric, Nyssa, and Tegan.
Notes: Last story to feature Adric.

The Caves of Androzani (4 episodes)
Location : Androzani Minor.
Plot: The Doctor gets caught in the politics and dangers of mining spectrox, the most valuable substance in the universe.
Companions: Peri Brown
Notes: Best regeneration in Doctor Who history. Also, this satisfies my including the 6th Doctor. There will be no further mention of the 6th Doctor.

7th Doctor

Ghostlight (3 episodes) -
Location: London. 1883.
Plot: Doctor takes Ace back in time to visit an evil house.
Companions: Ace
Notes: First story in the "Ace Trilogy" exploring Ace's troubled past.

The Curse of Fenric (4 episodes) -
Location: Earth. WWII
Plot: The Axis are the least of Earths problems.
Companions: Ace
Notes: Lots of people hate Ace, but she was the proto-Rose. Second story in the "Ace Trilogy."

8th Doctor

The Doctor Who TV Movie, also known as The Enemy Within (1 episode) -
Location: Skaro, TARDIS, San Fran 1999,
Plot: Daleks convict The Master of evil deeds and his remains are given to The Doctor.
Companions: Grace Holloway
Notes: 1996 film attempt to revive the Doctor Who series. The only televised appearance of the 8th Doctor. The most steampunky version of the TARDIS to date.


The Three Doctors (4 episodes) -
Location: Gallifrey, Anti-Matter Universe
Plot: The Doctors (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) must stop Omega from destroying the Universe.
Companions: Jo Grant
Notes: This movie gives some history to the Time Lords and how they became what they are. Some people think River Song is Omega. I am not one of those people.

The Five Doctors (movie)
Location: Gallifrey
Plot: Someone is plucking all the incarnations of the Doctor (1-5) out of time and placing them in the Death Zone on Gallifrey, where they will meet old friends and enemies and play out the deadly Game of Rassilon, for the ultimate prize.
Companions: Tegan, Vislor, Sarah Jane, Susan, Brigadier, Romana.
Notes: I'm kinda meh on this movie, but others seem to like it.

Other Other

Some other episodes that may be of interest -

The Tenth Planet - 1st Doctor - 1st appearance of The Cybermen.
The Daleks - 1st Doctor - 1st appearance of The Daleks.
Spearhead From Space - 3rd doctor - 1st appearance of Autons
Doctor Who and the Silurians - 3rd doctor -1st appearance of the Silurians.
The Mark of the Rani - 6th doctor - 1st appearance of The Rani. Some people think River Song is The Rani. I am not one of them.


Dawn Summers said...

It's been really hard to concentrate while watching these. The effects are laughable. And so I laugh. The old guy with the nazi sea monsters is the worst so far. Followed by stupid celery guy who I already hated based on that short. So, yeah, fourth doctor is least annoying so far. But the new series is vastly superior.

Dawn Summers said...

From @starfishncoffee

Okay. Here's where I'd start. With Four, Tom Baker. And with what I think is one of the best eps ever, City of Death, where The Doctor and Romana II go to Paris. Also it's "ghost" written by Douglas Adams. A bunch of old stories were.
The thing about Old Who is that the eps are shorter and organized by arc rather than season. So each Dr has certain story arcs. There's a TON on Netflix streaming. I'll start you with Four, you can't go wrong with him, I suggest starting with this ep, but then maybe going in chronological order although you don't really have to.

There are two Romanas btw. Romana I is a timelady and she regenerates into Romana II who is a badass. You'll see she's actually smarter and cooler than the Dr. In real-life Lalla Ward, the actress and Tom Baker got together. Broke up, then years later, he introduced her to reknowned scientist and athiest Richard Dawkins who is the love of her life. He was in the last season. ;)

Warning: They are REAL REAL goofy and the FX are BAAAAD. But they are fun.

There is one Doctor that you don't want to bother with and that's Colin Baker, the Sixth Doctor who is universally regarded as the worst and the program as generally horrible at the time.

I'd start with the ones below and then do some research, the BBC site on Old Who is a great one for background and where to jump in. And then there are radio plays, novels, comics, etc that are canon too. It's kinda crazy.

Okay here goes with my first recommendations:

Doctor Who: The City of Death
The Key To Time Sequence: the order--
--Ribos Operation
--Pirate Planet
--Stones of Blood
--Androids of Tara
--Power of Kroll
--Armageddon Factor

Dawn Summers said...

Dawn Summers said...

6th Doctor