Thursday, July 29, 2010

For film nerds

Of which I am not one. I think I got three: Jaws, Taxi and Apollo 13. And then there were four that I thought were Clockwork Orange before the one that is obviously Clockwork Orange:

35mm from Felix Meyer on Vimeo.

via Denali


ToryO_Vis建銘 said...
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Julius_Goat said...

It's kind of hard to tell the difference between references and homages because they come so fast, so I came up with 36, not 35. Anyway, here's my guesses, with a * next to the ones I think are a lock:

1. Singing in the Rain*

2. Titanic or It Happened One Night*

3. Jaws*

4. ? (bloody peace sign)

5. Psycho*

6. ? Red dress

7. ? Reverse background dress (probably lost my count here)

8. ? Red shoes with forks. (The forks say The Kid but Chaplin's forks were stuck in loaves of bread -- the red shoes say . . . well, "The Red Shoes". So I don't know.)

9. Taxi Driver

10. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

11. ? Bowler hat

12. ? 8 hats

13. Snow White & the Seven Dwarves*

14. ? Glasses

15. Men In Black

16. Terminator*

17. Star Wars*

18. ? Black box sun rays

19. ? "Cross" eyed (heh heh)

20. The Omen

21. ? White/blue cross

22. Tron

23. Toy Story*

24. Fight Club (just for a flash)*

25. A Clockwork Orange *

26. Dr. Strangelove

27. Lost Highway

28. The Great Dictator

29. ? Red circle white background

30. Rear Window *

31. The Apartment

32. The Music Man

33. ? Triangles with blood

34. The Battleship Potemkin *

35. Apollo 13

36. Easy Rider

Dawn Summers said...

You set the bar too high, Goat. You should have said "Dawn got four! Can you beat her." Also I see nothing even remotely resembling MIB or the Apartment

Julius_Goat said...

MIB - the two pairs of sunglasses right before the Terminator sunglasses.

The Apartment - the heart that doubles as a floorplan for an apartment. I'll admit this is one of my blinder guesses.

Dawn Summers said...

ohhh...i see it now and the omen. OK, this was hard. how do people even come up with this stuff?

洪志源 said...
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家唐銘 said...
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