Thursday, June 3, 2010

Conversation of the Day

So, my co-worker asked me what movie he should rent and I emphatically said "2012." He's with Netflix, though, so he'd have to order that one by mail. In the meantime, he starts going through the list of on-demand movies.

Me: What movie?
Co-worker: Land of Lost...Will Ferrell.
Me: Never seen it.
Co-worker: It won a Razzie. It was even worst than "I know who killed me."
Me: I kinda liked that movie.
Co-worker: WHAT? I am SO NOT taking any of your movie recommendations.
Me: (Laughs) What else?
Co-worker: 17 Again
Me: I LOVED that movie! I'M A HUGE ZAC EFRON fan!
Co-worker: And now I'm not taking any of your recommendations about anything ever.