Monday, April 5, 2010

Mad Movies

Clash of the Titans
I will admit that I'm a big Harryhausen fan. I love stop-motion animation.I love the original Clash of the Titans, even the silliness (everyone knows that Bubo was the original Jar Jar Binks). I'm not a big fan of remakes so I wasn't sure if I'd like this version, however I found it to be a fun romp of monster battles. And men in short skirts. If you're looking for monster bashing, sword fights, angry gods, Ralph Fiennes trying to sport the Richard Alpert eyeliner look, oh, and men in short skirts, this is the movie for you. If you don't expect too much, you won't be disappointed. NB: Word on the street is to not see this in 3-D. The 3-D effects were an afterthought and not worth the extra $$s.

Hot Tub Time Machine
Loved loved loved this movie. I don't want to say anything (hahaha Lloyd Dobler) more except go see this movie! Okay, I lied, one more thing, Rob Corddry is hilarious. Go see it. Now! Or at least rent or Netflix it when it becomes available.

The Runaways
All I can say is I wanna be 16 again and play guitar in a rock band. Okay, to be honest, the drug abuse, the sexist abuse, the abuse from management would not be welcome but hey, if you're going to be a rock star you have to pay your dues, right? Kristen Stewart is spot-on as Joan Jett. Little Dakota Fanning is all grown up now, playing lead singer Cherie Currie. Michael Shannon does an excellent job as sleazy manager Kim Fowley - at times you want to reach out and slap him silly. The music, the clothes, the cinematography are all perfect. The movie is a bit lightweight though - going a bit easy on the Currie family problems/Cherie Currie drug issues and skimming the surface of the rock and roll lifestyle. Even so, for me, it was a fun ride along with these rocker girls from the 70s.

Anvil: The Story of Anvil
Remember Anvil? If you're not into metal you've probably never heard of them. Anvil is a Canadian band that has been around for 30+ years. At the beginning of this rockumentary, Slash says metal bands "ripped them off and left them for dead." What did happen to Anvil? Why did they fall into obscurity while other bands like Slayer and Metallica became so popular? The movie only hints at why they never got the fame and fortune, instead concentrating on where they are now, where they are still going. Steve "Lips" Kudlow is a man of dreams that he won't let die. His friend and bandmate from the get go, Robb Reiner, loves Kudlow too much to give up on him, even though he seems like he'd be happier staying at home in Toronto and painting. It's definitely a poignant look at a band that loves what they are doing, loves their fans, and most of all, loves the music.


Dawn Summers said...

I definitely wanna see these movies when they come out on DVD! Though I may try to sneak into Hot tub, when I go see How to train your Dragon.

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