Monday, March 22, 2010

Pineapple Express

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A surprising amount of meant-to-be-taken-seriously type violence muddles this already fairly muddled stoner buddy comedy about a server of legal papers and full-time slacker (Seth Rogan) who is forced into an undesired friendship with his server of rolling papers (James Franco) when blah blah blah gang war intrigue case of mistaken identity unlikely heroes. Franco is a lot of fun as a sweet wannabe civic engineer who has gotten lost in Shaggy and Scooby Land and forgotten that he even wants to find the exit, while Rogan is surprisingly inert (and not in a stoned way). Interesting in that, for some reason, the thirtysomething dating a high school girl trope is presented as being a desirable relationship that we're meant to hope lasts, which is not something you typically see outside of the occasional Woody Allen flick. The Office's Craig Robinson is funny in this, but I think that TOCR is probably funny when he's ordering pizza, so there you go. George Washington's David Gordon Green directed this, though there is little evidence of his typical striking imagery and composition here. It's like they hired Akira Kurosawa to direct Porky's 4. The saving grace (or, depending on your tolerance level for these sorts of things, the final straw) is an extended and stoned recap of the events by the heroes that lasts about three minutes too long to be funny, and then lasts another eight minutes or so after that until it achieves a kind of dada hilarity. For my money, it was funny just for existing. You might want your money back.

Also, Danny McBride is very funny and should be in more things.

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