Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Best names in Movie History

No not actors... actual character names. and this doesn't come from another site or article. This list was born of booze and poker during a neighborhood game with some friends a couple weeks ago. The kind of game where the stakes dictated silliness and stupidity.

What ensued was a discussion between no less than 5 movie buffs about what was the best character name in movie history. Now, this will be up for debate of course because I'm sure a ton were missed. The booze had an effect on clarity. But it was a good discussion (reads argument) and I offer you several of those names. Feel free to agree, disagree, expand on, or offer you own...

Not in any particular order:

1> Apollo Creed - might possibly be the coolest name ever.

2> Layne Myer - This isn't really a very cool name in and of itself, but the movie offers the pronunciation of the name with a very cool Howard Cosell esque accent. THAT is what makes the name hawesome.

3> Lt. Colonel Nathan R. Jessup - Not Colonel Jessup. Not Nathan. Lt. Colonel Nathan R. Jessup

4> Josie Wales - This name was considered the best name of all western characters. Maybe because of way most pronounced it in the actual movie with a very soft "s". Kinda like jossey only with a hard O. Spelled more phoenetically like Jocey. I liked William Munny as well, but Josey eventually got the nod.

5> Jake Plitkin - Jake the Snake is a must in any name list. Especially with a last name that rolls off with such measure as to allow the listener to KNOW that this dude is a bad ass.

6> Morris Buttermaker - This name is synonymous with old drunk dudes who turn a bunch of rugrats into championship little league players. And most don't know his first name. Anytime you have such an epic character that can go, or be known by only his last name... It's a win.

7> Zep Hindle - This character is from the movie Saw (2004). Not a particularly big role. You were made to believe that this guy was the villain. Plus he plays a big part in L O S T. For that reason, it gets a mention.

8> Maiximilian Largo - Obviously we had to pick a name from one of the Bond movies. This was a very rough discussion but it seemed like this is the one that won out. FWIW... I disagreed.

9> Coleman - This may not be as obvious to all, but Coleman was the butler in Trading places. It was decided that this name couldn't have been more perfect to define the character, thus giving it a nod as a best name ever.

10> Pussy Galore - If I really need to explain this one... The timing and period of naming this fictional character is what it's all about. Pure Gold.

There were a ton of others, and like I said, there are so many more I am missing. Ones that weren't thought of at all. Of course the booze most likely deleted most of my memory the following morning. Feel free to add your own.


Julius_Goat said...

Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg
Mr. Blonde
Annie Hall
Royal Tennenbaum
Vito Corleone
Roller Girl
Marge Gunderson
Reed Rothchild
Brick Tamlund
Wes Mantooth
Ron Burgundy
General Buck Turgidson
Keyser Soze

madbrooklyn said...

My favs are from Dr. Strangelove - Merkin Muffley, Buck Turgidson, Jack Ripper, "Bat" Guano, Major "King" Kong, Alexi de Sadesky, and of course Dr. Strangelove himself. "mein fuhrer...! I can walk!"

HighOnPoker said...

How about:

Tyler Durden (Fight Club)
Castor Troy (Face-Off)

Those are the two that directly come to mind. I'm sure I can find others. Keyser Soze is another great one, but J-Goat already has it.

Astin said...

Buford T. Justice

and since they made a terrible movie of it:
Roscoe P. Coltrane

Have to agree with Goat on Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg

Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez, especially since he was played by Connery.

And who is Jake Plitkin? Is that supposed to be Snake Plissken?

Schaubs said...

The Dude

Now that is a name.

Riggstad said...

i forgot Beetroot Mckinley, and another from Usual Suspects... Verbal Kint