Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Spread (2009)

Spread is a film starring Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche (among other lesser-known actors) about a Hollywood hustler and ladies man who comes face to face with his own hustler mortality. I first learned of the film through Howard Stern, who mentioned that it was surprisingly good. He also mentioned the abundant nudity, including some impressive full frontal nudity by Anne Heche (actually, not entirely "full", but a whole lot shown anyway). After watching the movie on my iTouch over the course of a week in 15-20 minute spurts (um, that's time units), I was actually very impressed. The movie has a fair bit of sexuality, but even moreso, it has some great acting by its principal cast, a surprisingly refreshing pace, and a strong story.

The film stars Ashton Kutcher, principally, and whereas he showed some acting chops in films like the Butterfly Effect, his acting reached a new level in Spread. He played a character that would seem like an easy fit: a would-be somebody who has resigned himself to hooking up with slightly older, successful women as sort of a long con to live the amazing lifestyle he wishes he could earn on his own. He also has left a trail of younger, naive L.A.-newbies in his wake, who he cons for sex by acting like the owner of the high-flying lifestyle he's conned off of the rich cougars.

We first meet Kutcher's character as he's working a party. By all appearances, he looks like a guy who has it all, but we learn quickly that he is homeless, as he decides to run a long con on Anne Heche's successful older woman to earn himself a bed, some new clothes, and an overall fantastic lifestyle. Kutcher's character narrates some of the aspects of the con, which adds both a clever styling to the film and an insight into what makes Kutcher's character tick.

After successfully infiltrating Heche's home, we get a decent amount of hot sex scenes. I never found Heche terribly attractive, but she's clearly aged well, and looks stunning as she enjoys her younger man. Heche has numerous nude scenes and all are more than impressive.

Of course, if that was all there was to the movie, there wouldn't be much. Kutcher's character meets a new love interest and the story takes a turn. Whereas it could easily seem out of character for Kutcher the hustler to suddenly change his ways, Kutcher handles it extremely well and takes you along his journey of change. I don't want to give too much away, because the way it plays out is rather interesting and surprising, and the ending does a nice job of wrapping up the story without being too "Hollywood" or forced. In fact, the ending in and of itself is a revelation, but that's all I feel comfortable saying.

If you are looking for a date movie, Spread is probably a good bet. There's Ashton Kutcher for the chicks, several naked chicks for the guys, a love story of sorts for the ladies, and several naked chicks for the guys. It'll also probably help set the mood. And if that doesn't work, there's always chloroform!

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