Friday, October 16, 2009

The Hawk is Dying (2006)

This is a gem I found flipping through the channels one night. I had never heard or read anything about it, but knowing that Paul Giamatti played the lead character, I was motivated to watch.

I think Giamatti is a genius. His depictions of characters that he has played has gone beyond expectations for me and I always appreciate his ability to totally elevate a film.

Anywho, Hawk is a story about a guy who lives in Florida and delves into Falconry which becomes an obsession. Obsessions are usually not healthy, but in this story it helps him deal with a tragedy. A tragedy which is not the motivator for his obsession, but one which turns it from hobby to obsession.

They way he deals becomes an issue with those closest to him and on the surface you almost start to think that he is crazy. A lesser actor may not have been able to pull this off and leave the viewer in a state of frustration and boredom.

Giamatti's performance is underscored by his ability to convince you that his struggle would be unbearable without delving into his passion. Not only as a distraction but as a sort of therapy. He does this not only through words, but by action. His obsession transcends his initial attempt to avert boredom and the mundane and becomes a vehicle to cope with the issues so seemingly missed by others in his life, surrounding the tragedy. This seems to be more of a struggle for him than the actual loss they all experience, although you see him move from frustration, anger, and sadness as he tries to deal, and figure out what really is at issue.

Michelle Williams also stars as a psychology student. I won't give too much away , but this film is beautifully shot allowing you to experience the emotions through a wonderful character.

This is definitely a film worth your time.

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Shrike said...

I completely agree with your evaluation of Giamatti as an extremely underrated actor.