Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good Christ!

No offense meant in the title to any of you bible thumpers out there or fellow hypocritical Catholics.

My point in the previous post that has caused such debate was missed... and invalid really because in all honesty I never really read past the first line in Goats original post. Heck, I might not have even read past the title.

However, given it's due course (the retort that is), I think it's funny the response posts to this little "spat" in movie blogging land.

Let's take some cold hard facts first and put them into perspective.

1) Movies don't always have to be entertaining to be watch worthy. It's all about the viewer really and their tastes, their wants, and their needs for that matter.

2) Not everyone will agree on what movie makers should value most. Artistic integrity, special effects, current day plot themes, adhering to historical facts, developing characters, whatever.

3) Movies fall into categories - Dramas, comedies, Thrillers, horror films, and animated films.

4) Fuel is gay (If you don't know this one, take my word for it. It's a fact)

My response (after admittedly reading line one, possibly only the title) to Goats original post was purely based on angst that my thought was this wasn't only a personal blog for contributors to spew their thoughts and feelings on movies for themselves, but as a medium to suggest films to the readership. That being said, his thoughts as he put them down on virtual paper were merely quick and decided as if to say, this particular movie wouldn't be worth your time. As seen from his perspective based on what he likes and values in a film. That's not really fair to him, and I apologize. You Pric.

However, to me that's just pure vanity. For there are people out there that will like to see this film for what it is. Pure destruction utilizing a current day plot theme, the best in special effects, and some really cool action. It will deliver what it promises. Yes, I am still pointing the finger at Goat because it works to blame someone for my post. :)

Mr. Crim writes a post, I guess trying to be humorous and witty about this whole thing not really saying anything at all. The only part I did take out of it was his "Why this movie will be different" section.

He states that it will get people thinking. Um... No... it won't. People are already thinking, and it will take all thought out of this process for them. They aren't thinking if the world will end. Most are sane people ensconced in reality. One persons vision on HOW the possibility of the world ending would happen is very cool though. See the viewer won't have to think about it. They won't have to use their own imagination and dream up ways of how this might go. They will go to the movies and see how others view it. In a very entertaining and spectacular way.

Then he writes a disclaimer that you if you don't know what he was trying to get at, he did his job. Just like you will be when you walk out of that movie.


Um... NO.... again. See this movie isn't meant to stimulate your intellect. It's not meant to get you thinking about conspiracy theories or possible ways civilization will continue on after a global event. It's meant to get your ass to pay $12, sit down with a $10 tub of popcorn, and watch the destruction of earth in a very cool and awesome way. That's it. There will be no dialogue worthy of Oscars, there will be no scenes showing undying love and sacrifice. It will be one big joke of a plot line trying to bring you to the most awesome scenes of the depiction of the end of times.

My guess is you'll be walking out the movie theater going, "HOLY SHIT! Did you see that wave!!!" w00t!" while picking popcorn and skittles out of your teeth and drying the spilled coke off of your Texas Longhorns sweatshirt with a napkin.

HOP writes about integrity. he kinda takes both sides in his argument, (stupid lawyers [*ducks]) and delves into something about integrity. My disclaimer is that I really didn't read all of his post either. I'm into speed reading now and miss alot of pertinent points (*ducks again) but I did think I picked up on his disappointment in lack of film integrity. Let me tell you, the only integrity this film will need is that of making sure the viewer gets everything they expect from this film. That is to suggest the most awesomest way something and anything can be destroyed!

That, is why this movie will be a success. People don't care about the end of the world because deep in the back of their heads, they know, or at least hope, that it can't happen during their lifetime. We've been disappointed so many times before.

A movie like this can only do one thing. Bring you to a reality of how one person (or a team of persons) can depict on screen an event that you can't fathom happening. See? No thought required.

Now go out and earn that $12 so you can be entertained


HighOnPoker said...

Amazingly, all of this conversation is actually making me want to see 2012, just to see if it lives up to the discussion.

Fuel55 said...

I wonder who your ghostwriter is?