Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blogrolling: The Man Who Viewed Too Much

I think it's time we started linking to the larger filmosphere around here. There's a true wealth of film criticism laboring out there, practically unsung, and doing marvelous work on behalf of movies as art.

I'm going to start with a guy who actually "made it", as much as you can "make it", in the world of movie blogging. As The Man Who Viewed Too Much, Mike D'Angelo has been reviewing movies online now since the mid-nineties, back when "Teh Internets" was "The Information Superhighway." He got noticed, he wrote for Entertainment Weekly, he wrote for Esquire, and these days he can be found on the Onion's AV Club.

His site's a bit frustrating (since he actually is the rare bird who gets paid professionally to do this, his stuff gets linked to his various employers, who's constant reshuffling makes for many broken links), but he's got a strong voice, stronger opinions, and a very clear, thought-provoking writing style. I'm a fan. Oh, and he's a poker player. Every once in a while, that leaks out -- like the time he played Phil Hellmuth.

He also keeps up a blog, Listen Eggroll, where he holds forth on stuff, primarily to bring us updates on the Skandies, a long-running poll of like minded cinephiles, online and otherwise, to determine best-of-year awards for performance, direction, acting, etc. It goes twenty deep, so it can spread the love further than your average critic's award shin-dig. Over the years, I've found the Skandies to be a far better indicator of quality than the Oscars. If it is highly rated in the Skandies, in other words, seek it out.

Right now, they are counting down the top 20 of the decade, as well as performances. So check it out and count down through the week.

11. Before Sunset
12. Silent Light
13. Kill Bill, Volume 1
14. The Werkmeister Harmonies
15. Irreversible
16. Zodiac
17. Ghost World
18. The Man Who Wasn't There
19. Trouble Every Day
20. Gerry

I love this list so much, because (1) it reminds me of little-lauded movies (like Gerry) that I greatly admired and had nearly forgotten, and (2) there are movies on here I've never seen and wouldn't consider if not for this list. My odds of seeing The Werkmeister Harmonies, for instance, just increased by 873%.

I'll try to grow this by one a week.

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madbrooklyn said...

Mike used to play at the Friars poker game - haven't seen him in ages though. I should have mentioned his site when I joined the FilmChaw collective. The guy who hosts the Friars and Buckingham game also has a film review website: