Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blogrolling: The Film Experience

For this Monday's addition to the blogroll, I bring you the hardest working man in film blogdom: The Film Experience (Nathaniel R., proprietor).

Nathaniel is obsessed (along with his stable of contributors) with movies, Michelle Pfeiffer, actresses in general, and the Oscars, though not necessarily in that order. He's currently running an ongoing First/Last "guess the movie" series, where he posts an opening element (such as first line or first image) and a closing element, and invites you to guess in the comments. I'd guess that there aren't many out there more thoroughly embedded in what is being written out there about movies, so his links section is a wealth of interesting nuggets -- criticism, news, videos, services, and miscellanea -- for movie nuts. His end-of-year Film B*tch Awards are the most entertaining of their kind. And seriously, the Oscar prognostication stuff is legendary in its scope and magnitude.

Therefore, for ongoing and engaging conversation (and obsessive? maybe) commentary on the topic of movies, The Film Experience is in the FilmChaw must-read list. Welcome to the blogroll.

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