Friday, September 4, 2009


Proof that a great concept isn't enough. The idea of a shadow elite of the super-lucky is a good one, but this idea is completely stranded in a boring and trite mess (otherwise known as the "Dean Koontz Effect"). Murky and uninteresting, our shadow elite are no more than morbid dilettantes who employ their exceptional (genetic? psychic?) providence for no greater purpose than in testing their own powers against other lucky individuals, in a series of convoluted contests, in order to . . . ah, I really don't even care anymore. It seems to me that if that's all you're going to do with your supernatural luck, you'd be better off as a regular slobbo. The great Max von Sydow is thoroughly wasted in these proceedings; he pops up from time to time as some kind of twisted Yoda of good fortune. His character is best described as Christopher Walken in The Deer Hunter plus Brando in The Godfather, multiplied by a complete idiot. What's even worse than the misuse of a fine actor, though, is the script's disgusting and cynical evoking of the Holocaust in an (unsuccessful) attempt inject some eleventh-hour gravitas into the proceedings. I watched this one for you. Don't watch this movie, or my sacrifice will have been for nothing.

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