Wednesday, September 2, 2009

HoP's Movie Question: Zombies Eat Brains?

Thank god for Film Chaw, where this question actually makes a bit of sense:

In the classic Romero zombie movies, zombies always had one goal...brains. So I was thinking about this and some of the other versions of zombies in pop culture and I think I found a fatal flaw in Mr. Romero's zombies. The brain is enclosed in a skull. A hard skull. So how are these deteriorating zombies who can't even work up a decent running gait get through the skull


Short-Stacked Shamus said...

I don't think come meal time that Romero's zombies target brains specifically. (This despite their obvious delicacy-status -- yum!) For them, any part of the human anatomy would do for a tasty treat. Can't speak for other zombie varieties, though, for whom only brains can satisfy.

Got a chance to see Romero speak not long ago, actually, and at one point another question was jokingly asked of him -- "Do zombies ever get full?"

Julius_Goat said...

Straws. Suck the brains right through the nose.

If I get a chance to talk with Romero, I will suggest that in his next flick, all the zombies carry straws. Also, he can CGI them into his old movies, George Lucas-style.

HighOnPoker said...

Maybe I was wrong to single out Romero, but I do remember the old "BRAINS. BRAINS." Refrain. Still, how to get at those delicious brains?

Julius_Goat said...


madbrooklyn said...

I remember the Romero zombies chowing down on any part of the live humans, not just the brains. Didn't the little girl in the basement in Night of the Living Dead use a garden spade on her mom? Is there a little girl in the basement of that movie? Or was that just a memory from my own childhood? ; )

Anyway, I can't recall when the first "brains, brains" was uttered - was it in a later Romero flick?