Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gearing Up For TIFF

In a couple days, The Toronto International Film Fest kicks off. As usual, I've got ten films lined up. This year though, I have Filmchaw as my outlet for boring you with my reviews!

This time around, I got all ten of my first picks. You may be confused by most of them...

Antichrist - Lars von Trier goes back to horror. From all accounts, this is one of the most graphic and disturbing horror films in a while. Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg lose their child, and as Dafoe forces his wife to face her fears, things get... dark.

Suck - Bad bar band gets a little bloodthirsty and their fortunes turn around. Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, and Alex Lifeson show up for some fun too.

Daybreakers - Most of the world is now vampires. But they're pretty practical about it - running corporations, making money, and basically doing what we do now. Unless they run out of fresh blood, then they go nuts. It's naturally up to Willem Dafoe to fight them. Or maybe Ethan Hawke to develop a blood substitute, being the conflicted vamp he is. Whatever, it's a great second half of a double-bill with Suck.

The Road - Cormac McCarthy's novel gets turned into a desolate movie that will undoubtedly depress the hell out of everyone. Viggo Mortensen wanders the desolate landscape of a world on the verge of ending with his son. Not a comedy.

Bitch Slap - Gotta say, this is the one I was most looking forward to. Here, just watch the trailer. I think it's about female empowerment and not taking shit from the man.

Waking Sleeping Beauty - Disney kinda sucked in the 80's. The animation department was split between old school and new, and it turned out movies that flopped. This is the story of how they turned it around and saved the animated feature in the 90's.

Vengeance - Hong Kong bullet ballet. Plot? Oh - woman lies in hospital, her family killed. Dad shows up from France with a failing memory and hires hitmen to avenge his daughter's family. Then it turns out he might be a bit of a badass himself... except he can't recall...

The Ape - I try to pick one film that I have no idea what to expect going in. This is the one this year. The lead actor was given a scene, it was shot, then he was given the next. He had no idea what was going to happen next. Apparently, neither do we... and it's Swedish.

Kamui - Based on the Kamui Garden manga, a ninja deserts his clan and seeks freedom. Much ninja fighting ensues. There's also a story about him being nursed back to health by a fisherman and his wife who fears the danger he will bring them. Whatever, they had me at "ninja".

Mother - Bong Joon-ho brough the world The Host - a monster tadpole movie from Korea. This one? A bit different. A man with a slight mental disability has been raised and fiercely protected by his mother his whole life. When he's accused of a brutal murder, his mother is the only person who is willing to prove his innocence and gain his freedom. How far will a mother go? Does it matter in a small town where rumour is stronger than fact?

What? You're still reading after the Bitch Slap trailer?

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madbrooklyn said...

Sounds like a good mix of films - I'm looking forward to your reviews.

As for Bitch Slap - that was the title of a short my friends and I made for the 48 Film Festival several years ago. It was an "action/adventure" but certainly didn't feature that many big boobs and miniskirts.

Planning to go see 9 tomorrow - anyone else?