Thursday, September 3, 2009

Found in Duey's Vaults #4: Near Dark(1987)


This is that smart horror movie I was talking about before. Near Dark is a western vampire movie that would of been more successful if it was released this year. Back in 1987 there was no such thing as vampires portrayed as regular human beings who regretted killing people for the taste of blood. this movie they don't regret it either. Except they see their victims as people who don't deserve to live. They suck from the lowlife scum of the earth and give to....well...they just take actually. These vampires have no crazy teeth!! Where is all the crazy over the top hair perms and sharp teeth? Where is all the loud drums and fast arpeggio leads? It's 1987 for Pete's sake!! Instead you get eerie music from Tangerie Dream and cowboy songs. Very 2009 with 1987 filming tactics. There is a vampire boom going on right now...they need to release a good HD version of this movie. I don't want to say this movie is timeless but it definitely doesn't feel dated.

This move is written and directed by Kathryn Bigelow. This was her debut for a movie. If there were any flaws in this movie I would have to put the blame on DeLaurentiis Entertainment Group which went bankrupt after this film more than her lack of ability. The movie bombed in the box office because of lack of promotion.

This movie has a great cast. Adrian Pasdar as Vampire Nathan Petrelli/Caleb. He is the "hero"/unwilling victim of the vampire clan. He didn't want to be one and the movie deals with him trying to get away from the group with Mae(Jenny Wright) who also doesn't seem to want to be a vampire anymore either. She was the one that bit Caleb after they met one night.

They have to deal with Lance Henriksen(as leader Jesse Hooker), Bill Paxton(as Severen, the crazy psycho) and Jenette Goldstein(as Diamondback) who all starred in Aliens which was a great movie too. Micheal Biehn who also was in Aliens turned down a role for this film...that would of been awesome if he was in this too.

By the way, Aliens was produced by Gale Anne Hurd which also produced Terminator which also included Paxton, Goldstein, Henriksen, and Biehn. James Cameron directed Aliens and Terminator and the Abyss(produced by Gale Anne Hurd and starred Micheal Biehn)......what I guess I''m saying is the 80's were very very......incestuous.

The following clip that you can view(by clicking on the link because the video won't allow embedding)is in the top 100 of scariest scenes by Bravo. Here you get to see crazy psycho Severen in action:

And AGAIN here:

I would say watch this movie once...and if you like it, you will probably tell others about it because you think its a lost gem for the horror/vampire/western genre. If you are a fan of
Buffy/Angel or True Blood...def check it.

The Vault Version: First 5 mins is missing. Mom must not have known what was on until the credits kicked in...probably found the first tape that was blank and just hit record.

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