Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Super! Cali!

I will probably be disowned (I don't care) by Tripjax (iPhone/email blogger) for blogging about movies elsewhere (seriously check it out) but The Goat really asked (not really) nicely and I have so much to say (I got nothing) it can not be contained any longer (yeah, right).

Like jjok (father of 4 girls PAL) I am the father of girls. And KajaWife has not wanted to watch anything but romantic comedies for the past 4 years (oh, the horror) so all you'll get from me are four categories:
1. Kid films 2. Romantic comedies 3. Plane movies 4. Memories...

My oldest daughter, KajaKid, who's 4 and a half, can pretty much recite Mary Poppins front to back and back to front. When I first bought the DVD she refused to watch it but I guess she was too young and it was a bit too scary for her:

But now? If she gets the chance to watch a movie, this will be the one she picks. And why the hell not? It's awesome (and a little scary)!

But seriously folks, if you get a chance take a look at the 2nd DVD in the box, with all the specials (that's why we buy DVDs in the first place, right?). You will learn some amazing facts about the film like the one about it taking almost 20 years to secure the rights to the story from the original author (tight player). The fact that this was Julie Andrews' first film and for which she won a Golden Globe and an Oscar (you go girl). The fact that Julie (we're on a first name basis now) was up for the role of Eliza Doolittle in "My Fair Lady" but lost out to Audrey Hepburn because of lack of experience. The fact that Dick Van Dyke had no idea what accent he was trying to speak in. The fact that Matthew Garber who plays Michael Banks died at the age of 21. And lots more.

So to finish off my first movie recommendish (I will probably be the only one to get this inside joke), here's something Julius posted on one of his other blogs. The one you really should be reading.

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