Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Spaghetti Western

I have a brother 10 years older than me. He was a useless piece of hippie crap in his teens and because of the period he grew up in, he spent a lot of time with drugs. A Disco Hippie we referred to him as. The worst part of his lifestyle was his lack of funds. I would've like to have grown up with a role model for a brother. Instead I grew up with one who wrapped used Christmas presents in tin foil. Probably the same tinfoil that housed his coke before he turned it into wrapping paper.

Nonetheless, he gave me a book for Christmas when I was 8. It certainly was a piece of shit present for an 8 year old kid. I forget the official title of the book but it was about Westerns and how they were produced in Hollywood. I only read it because one day, having been sent to my room after beating the younger brother, it was all I could find to occupy me. That book damn near changed my life.

Before that book, I hardly read at all. After that book, I never stopped. What intrigued me was the inside look it gave to the productions of those movies. The most enlightening little tidbit that I never forgot was about how some of the actors would not act while fighting in the fight scenes. They would go all out beating the shit out of each other. If there was a scene without the star you could be sure that the fight scenes where real. The competition for those roles was so intense that they would literally give the most realistic performance they could to ensure future employment.

I watched those movies a lot. In fact I couldn't get enough of them. The best part about them was the music that was put into the soundtracks. Armando Trovaioli is probably the composer of the most famous soundtracks you hear in those movies, and to this day, his compositions are still used.

One of his most famous,"I Lunghi Giorni Della Vendetta" is my absolute favorite. I used to play this soundtrack before every football game we ever played in High School. The team would walk out of the locker room while it was playing. The title translates to "the long day of vengeance".

Music plays a huge role in movies, and can make or break a scene. Sometimes a movie. Below is a vid of that specific song. Put it in your Ipod and listen to it when some keeps raising your blinds :)

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