Monday, August 24, 2009

Son of Rambow

Now this is a movie about Bromance!
I don't know if anyone has even heard of this little movie. I saw a trailer for it on some equally obscure movie I rented a few months ago and it looked cute, so I picked it up. The kids all have British accents, so this totally satisfies my "foreign film" requirement for the year. The story is about two boys, maybe about 14 or 15 years old, who meet in line for detention after they both play a role in breaking a fishbowl and killing the school goldfish. The shorter boy comes from a very religious family and has never been in trouble before; the taller boy is from a poor family and well, has made getting into trouble an art. Together they are your classic oil and water, yet go together like peanut butter and jelly pairing. The taller boy wants to enter a film contest for young movie makers and the short boy is taken with the Rambo films, so decides he is the Son of Rambow (he had never seen the whole movie, just snippets from the taller boy's bootleg copy, so he guesses at the spelling of Rambo!) and they make a movie about how the Son of Rambow rescues his father from captivity. The supporting cast is also delicious, from the fruity French boy to Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl! The movie is not only a celebration of friendship, but of how movies shape our lives and make life long impressions. It reminded me of the summer after I saw "War Games" with Matthew Broderick. I measured everything in terms of what Defcon Level it was pushing me toward. The weeks after I saw Karate Kid, I spent hours balancing my weight on one foot and kicking at anyone foolish enough to cross my path. Ah, memories.


Astin said...

It's been sitting on my shelf for months, unwatched. I just never get around to it. I've WANTED to see it ever since it was at TIFF last year (or was it two years ago?).

Dawn Summers said...

Take it with you on your trip! It's very cute.