Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Sensitive Man

A short post for another short film.

At the Quinte Hotel was a short I saw at the same screening as L'Homme Sans Tête. This one is in English though. It's an animated short based on a great poem by Canadian poet Al Purdy. That's Al reading the poem.

Ever since I first saw it, I've searched for a means of obtaining it. It wasn't for sale, it wasn't online (only a 36 second clip could be found), and any link to it merely mentioned that it once made the rounds of festivals.

But now, it's available at the creator's site, Global Mechanic. This makes me happy. It's also apparently available to buy from the NFB (National Film Board), but their store doesn't exactly work.

For the full story, you might want to check out this recent post about it, but I suggest you just put aside 3 minutes and watch it.

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Julius_Goat said...

Cool stuff. Like a Claymation Richard Brautigan blender.