Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Push (2009)

Hey folks. Jordan from HighOnPoker here with my very first post to Film Chaw. I'm currently on vacation in Europe, but told my wife to go piss off while I write a blog post on this fine compendium blog. The things I do for J Goat's audience...

Speaking of, over the course of the trip, I've watched the 2009 science fiction action flick Push, starring Chris Evans (Human Torch from the Fantastic Four movies) and Dakota Fanning (Dakota Fanning from some other movies) and to my surprise, it didn't suck. Let me repeat that for emphasis: it didn't suck. As in did not. I know! I was just as surprised. First, a brief introduction.

Push was a movie that came out and basically fizzled at the box office. In fact, if it weren't for the fact that I was loading up on bootleg movies for my trip, I wouldn't have seen it either. But I knew it was sci-fi and involved telekinesis, so being the comic book geek that I am, I decided to give it a go.

The movie is actually sorta a super hero movie, or more accurately a super power movie, involving people who (hell I don't remember if they were made by the gov't or some sorta mutants...I think the gov't, but it doesn't matter) aw crap...lost my train of thought. Okay. It's about people with super abilities, most of which work with or are hunted by the government. The government has operatives, not unlike something out of Heroes but without huge gaps in believability (even for a sci fi flick). These operatives developed a blah blah blah. Let's be real. The storyline is not so important as the action. Basically, Evans is a second generation telekinetic who gets drafted to help acquire a person (coincidentally his ex) by Dakota Fanning, who can see the future. Neither of them are very good at what they do. There are a slew of other characters, helping our renegade duo, working for the gov't, or working for some Chinese gangsters who are also all suped up.

Overall, though, the movie moves along very well. The characters are believable, the acting is good, the storylines goes all over the place but still makes sense and has a great arch to it. It's a great blend of sci fi concepts, super powers in a real world setting, and action flick, um, action.

The bottom line: If you like super hero or super power movies, you'll enjoy this one. If you like sci fi action flicks, you'll enjoy it. It's one of those surprise movies were you can come in with low expectations and be happily surprised.

I'll leave you with one recommendation: suspend disbelief for a bit. There are a couple of logic holes, like a fight seen in a crowded location where people would obviously have reacted to the super powers (granted its in a place where perhaps that news would not get out, but more likely than not, news of a super power fight would get out to the world). There are also some odd issues with seeing the future, but this IS sci fi, so there are bound to be some holes.

Until next time, make mine Film Chaw!


Dawn Summers said...

hahahah I almost reviewed Push today too! I had pretty much the same take as you, so that would have

Julius_Goat said...

Welcome, HOP, welcome! Nice start. I actually saw a clip of this channel surfing one night and had no idea what it was. It had a lot of super-screaming yakuza in it.

Now I know. And knowing is 7/16ths of the battle.