Thursday, August 27, 2009

jjok's Collection of Faves

I could go on and on and on about what movies I like. I'm not too hard to please. Have a good story, have some memorable scenes, at least a little bit of humor, and some blood and guts doesn't hurt either.

I caught a flicker tonight that is arguably one of my faves of the faves.


Now being Guy Ritchie's last good flick before it all went to hell for him, I have to say that it can be a love-hate movie for alot. It's a guy movie for sure......but as a dude, you have to enjoy the occasional violent humor and get a kick out of underworlds where things happen that you would never in your dreams think you would ever encounter on your own.

So with that, here's what I learned from it

1. Now I know what coursing is......had no idea.

2. What the hell is periwinkle blue?

3. Brick Top puts Michael Vick to shame....and yes that is exactly what I meant.

4. "Anything to declare?"

"Yeah. Don't go to England."

5. Apparently a 16 pigs can consume a 200 pound body in 8 minutes with each pig going at it 2 pounds a minute......hence the term "greedy as a pig"

6. Vinny Jones is a one schtick "actor" (yes in quotes for the former footballer). But GD does he do it well.

7. Dennis Farina deserved best supporting actor in a guy movie.

8. "In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary... come again? "

9. Proper fucked. Never knew what that meant.

10. Some really fun camera work. Namely the Desert Eagle gun scene in the bar, the Brad Pitt flatbacked in the air after getting punched and his popping back up, and Farina taking the shot on the plane and the following passport stamp.

11. Brad Pitt really made this movie that much better.

12. Jason Statham's best role other than Crank.

In all, again, I say that this is truly a great work. A great comic caper with blood, guts, gambling, degeneracy, dirtyness, and some of the best lines and scenes.

Check it out, if you haven't already.

Till next time, May all your movies have boobs.

jjok signing off

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robert said...

Snatch is a classic. You know what isn't? Rock n'Rolla. G-d, I hate that movie.

"we have the two most expensive escort girls who ever escorted, and they have the night off from the Russians..and they've been greased down JUST for the Bobski."

that dialogue makes me nauseous....