Monday, August 17, 2009

jjok Says Get These If You Have Little Girls.

Hi, I'm jjok.
I was begged and paid to offer movie reviews by Julius Goat. Granted many volunteered, but the goat begged me. He did, honest injun.
I am not getting paid for this review.
Based on the threat that there could be some potentially FRENCH movies reviewed by the Shrike man, I'll do my best to try and restore some hope that this here Filmchaw (always link yourself) keeps some shred of dignity and respect.

Background about me, as a few of you know I have triplet girls who are now 6 and a son who is 2. When the triplets were younger, the wifey and I did sometimes deploy the television babysitter so that we could get some sanity in our lives. A few moments of peace go a long way in recharging to fight the endless amounts of battles that riddle a day with triplets.

Enter BARBIE movies.

This is a movie blog isn't it?

Yes it is, so I will spell out the 2 most popular Barbie flickers in the jjok household.

Yes, that's right.....



12 Dancing Princesses

Simple breakdown of the 2 movies

The Good:
Endless amounts of princesses, magic, dancing, music, and lotsa glittery shit. Throw in a kiddy "happy ending" with a prince and possibly a wedding and it's loads of fun for a little girl.

The Bad:
Well, see for yourself.

Don't fucking let your son watch it. Just don't let it happen. It messes them all up. It's like teaching your son to wear a condom when we ALL KNOW that it takes away all the feeling.

Don't feel bad for me though, the kid still digs his "dude" shit since he can dress like that and still play a mean game of trains.

and with that I say.......

May all your movies have boobs.

jjok signing off


Sean D said...

So Boy JJ is a tranny?

Shrike said...

At least if you let your son watch French movies, he'll learn how to kiss properly! You know, with tongue.


SirFWALGMan said...

Yeah let him watch French movies, then he will know how to kiss boys with his tongue like the French.