Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is this thing on? by Dawn Summers

Almost all of my blogs start with some variation of this question.
I don't know why. Frankly, with as many blogs and twitter thingies that I have or have had, you'd think I could just learn to trust, that yes, Virginia, this thing is on. Except my name is not Virginia. It's Dawn.
Okay, it's not really Dawn either, but I'll answer to that.
I like linebreaks.
I do not like complete sentences.
Not that I hate them or anything, but continuing the theme of many of the first posts "I am lazy." Completing sentences is something other people do.
People who are not me.
Waffles loves this.
I'll stop now before Astin/Julius (henceforth known as Astulius) fires me. Oh, that's another thing you should know about me. I'm the black one in this merry band of contributors, so in fine movie tradition, I will likely be the first to die in a horrible, bloody way.
I joined this blog because Astulius was all bragging that by writing here, he could now compete with my blog count. Ha. I showed him.
I wouldn't say I love movies, but I do see a hell of a lot of them. While I was on the DL of life for a year and half, I had a blockbuster membership which allowed me to have three movies delivered to me by mail and also rent three movies from the video store. I went through about 6 movies every four days for 9 months.
I broke them. Now they will only allow me to have three movies either via mail or the store out at anytime. Angered, I took my revenge by going through 3 movies everyday. That made them sorry.
No it didn't.
It made me sorry. There are a lot of really bad movies in the world. Like nasty, nose picking, ear wax eating, filthy, stupid, life force sucking movies. They usually feature Nicholas Cage.
I will try to steer you clear of these movies.
Rule #1 of my movie watching advice. If it features Nicholas Cage on the box and was made after 2000, put it back. Actually, do everyone a favor and put it in the garbage.
You're welcome.
You have already gotten your money's worth out of this blog.
I plan to post just one post more frequently than Astulius. So, two more posts will follow shortly.
I wanted to sign off with a catchy phrase but all I can think of is "until next time, make mine movies," but that High on Poker is a lawyer and he's very very vindictive.
Um...so...now it's down to "Live long and prosper" or "Zac Ephron forever."
Oh yeah, I'm also the girl. A girl who loves Zac Ephron.


Astin said...

How unoriginal, posting on the same blog as me.

Nicolas Cage (note the lack of an "h") appears in 3 good movies post-2000. He's on the cover of two - Matchstick Men and Adaptation. The 3rd is his cameo in the "Werewolf Women of the SS" trailer that's part of "Grindhouse".

Also, Zac Efron? You should see "Me and Orson Welles", where he actually does some acting in a movie that isn't aimed at 14 year-old girls.

Dawn Summers said...

Ooh, I like this group blog posting stuff, built in proofreaders! Does it also come with coffee service? I could use a double double right now.

I only recently came into my love of Zac Ephron. I saw my first (And only) movie of his on Friday night. I will be renting the rest of his works in short order! Matchstick men blew. I don't remember Adaptation, which means it didn't suck or amaze.

Shrike said...

Zac Ephron's a girl, right? Right?!


Julius_Goat said...

Zac Ephron is a homunculous. He's actually only 3.7 inches tall. He's a glamour demon sent to earth to lower the standards.

Dawn Summers said...

I KEEL YOU! Zac Ephron is all MAN! The manliest of men! MAN MAN MAN.