Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm BAAaaccck!

Well, That's not all true because I was never here in the first place. Goat and I have spoken on more than numerous occasions about movies. We both have a passion for movies and have discussed on several occasions putting something on the interwebs to offer up opinions or downright dogma about what we feel about any film, or anything to do with the film industry. Of course we are both busy (reads lazy) bees and since this was already up, Voila'!

For those of you who read my other blog, you may have noticed that I have a tendency to title most of my posts with movie quotes. Some obscure, some very main stream. I love movies and the "lines" they produce, sometimes recalling them in a manner like they are a part of my everyday vernacular.

Over the years I have been in many heated discussions with friends, colleagues, and yes, even family about which films best portray the subject matter, which actor has the most talent, or which director did the best job.

Movies can be very personal. Some will identify with a character or plot line in a completely different way than others. Some may find the subject matter grotesque or demeaning based on personal or family histories, while others find them comical or light-hearted. People watch movies for different reasons and thus, enjoy them on completely different levels than others may.

Movies are a product, and for that reason, need to be profitable. That profitablity drives Hollywood to put out movie after movie after movie that works financially. Genre films, period films, biopics, usually come out in multiple films by competing studios at or around the same time.

The remake of 3:10 to Yuman was met with the Assasination of Jesse James. Vice Versa followed after the success of Big trading on the story line. Super Hero films, sports films, and comedies trail one after the other broaching the same, or comparable story lines, even if they transcend different characters, or subjects.

In this blog I will compare films, actors, directors and subject matters as I see it. I hope to enitice dialogou if not debate, and I hope to tempt you to try to see certain films that may have not captured the mainstream, thus was missed by the most casual of movie watchers. For this I will offer a weekly Friday entry of a must see film that I think will be, or should be enjoyed by the masses.

I'm excited to be on board, and I hope to be more than just another writer. I won't be doing much critiquing as I will always try to find the reasons to watch, rather not to watch. As bad as any movie can be, there will alsways be something redeeming in it to effect or benefit someone.


Julius_Goat said...

You child. You fairy. Who told you that you could blog with men?

Sean D said...

He is a man among men.

Also you should see him on a pogo stick!

Shrike said...

But what is Riggs' apogee on a pogo stick?