Friday, August 14, 2009


I'll try and keep this short. That might be out of character for me.

If you're reading this today, you're probably already fairly familiar with my ramblings from my blog, which has included the occasional bit of movie talk. The esteemed founder of this speck of the Internet, one Julius_Goat, asked me to contribute to this revitalization, and I decided that the commitment level (zero) was right up my alley.

While the first real thing I post here will likely be about some Criterion DVD (debating between The Third Man, Time Bandits, and The Hidden Fortress at the moment), my tastes tend to cover a pretty wide swath.

I love me the blockbusters, Oscar winners, and the like, and will probably cover my fair share of those. But I'm also a festival lover. Toronto's got its fair share of film fests, with the Toronto International Film Festival starting up in a few weeks, and me with my 10 tickets waiting to be given films. My M.O. for TIFF has traditionally been to see the strange Midnight Madness films, and the indies, foreign films, and documentaries that would otherwise be hard to find. Mix that with my absolute love of so-bad-they're-good fromage, and you should get a pretty diverse, and sometimes head-scratching range of movies, scenes, characters, and rants from me.

I hope you enjoy them.


23skidoo said...

I <3 Time Bandits.

I love a bunch of midgets running around and hitting eachother.

Julius_Goat said...

Welcome to the Chaw, Astin. Look forward to reading The Third Man

Julius_Goat said...
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