Friday, August 21, 2009

Found In Duey's Vaults #3 : Batman (1990)


Last article I mentioned that I was going to review a smart horror movie from the 80's. Well.....forget I ever said that. I changed my mind. You will never know what it is. Nyah Nyah.

Instead I am going to review a movie that came on TV the other day and I decided to watch it because I still love this movie to this day. I also whipped out the movie from my vaults. It was one of the few movies that was actually PURCHASED. I think I received it as a Christmas gift in either 1990 or 91. As a 9 year old I requested THIS movie on my Christmas list dammit!

And this is the main reason I love this movie.

There were a couple things right off the bat I wanted to mention while watching this movie.

1. The fact that watching this now makes it feel like I'm watching the old 60's version of Batman. When this movie came out, it was so modern and dark...thanks to Tim Burton. But because of The Dark Knight and Heath Ledger's performance(and about 20 yrs later), this version comes off like the comical 60's version. With that being said, I still love this version and because of Jack Nicholson's acting history I think I would always prefer seeing his view of the Joker.

2. Tim Burton knew how to create a world. I'm already thinking of Beetlejuice as I type this and I might have to review that could just tell by watching a scene if its Tim Burton or not. Look at the artwork on the walls of the following clip. The subtle humor and landscapes are so surreal that it all comes off as just........normal. To me anyway. Every piece of scenery looks homemade.(For example, instead of a getting a gargoyle head statue, they just make their own.) I mean...we are watching a movie about a joker and a bat, and its based off a comic book. So, for Tim Burton to make it feel like that with ease is a job very well done.

3. I love this scene...Jack knew how to just let loose.

4. I was pissed when they replaced Micheal Keaton with Val Kilmer back then. I don't know if that argument is relevant anymore. In hindsight, I still think he was the best Batman...George Clooney was definitely the worst and Val Kilmer I think just had a shitty script. Tim Burton and Micheal Keaton definitely make a good team. Check out Beetlejuice for more proof.

Other reasons to see this movie.

* Kim Basinger in her prime as Vicki Vale.
* Prince dominates the soundtrack.
* The Final Showdown


madbrooklyn said...

If anyone plans to be in NYC during November 22 - April 26, be sure to check out the Tim Burton Exhibition at the MOMA. I definitely plan to go.

MOMA site

Julius_Goat said...

I agree that the 1990 "dark" Batman now reveals itself as camp. It's the Burton way; everything he does looks pretty and feels artificial. Burton frustrates me, because for all his talent he doesn't seem interested in evolving.

I think at heart he's a set and costume designer. He doesn't seem so interested in Batman and the Joker (though Jack was clearly committed to the role), as he was interested in Gotham, and getting the bat jet to line up with the moon above some moody clouds.

Billy Dee Williams got one line and then watched Tommy Lee Jones cut in line and take his part. Poor li'l tink tink.

That said, "Beetlejuice" is awesome. Come Mr. Tallyman.

Katitude said...

OOooooo....I think a road trip to NYC will have to be put on the books!