Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Found in Duey's Vaults #1: Introduction

Hi everybody, this is my first post for FilmChaw. I will be using this
first post as a way to introduce myself and lay out my specific purpose for this blog.

First of all my name is Duey(my REAL internet nickname!). My real
internet name is Jeff Cancer. My birth name will remain undisclosed for
reasons pertaining to collecting a debt. However, I will give you a bit
of my past.

When I was little, my parents had a VCR and would have a field day
recording movies of their liking on HBO or Cinemax. Hundreds of VHS
tapes with messy writing! Sometimes a movie might start 5 minutes to 30
mins too late. Sometimes the ending might be cutoff due to the tape
running out at the end. Whatever the case was, I loved their
collection. I would see movies over and over again....always wondering what happens at the end, or why his mouth was moving one way when something totally different was coming out of his mouth.(censored versions) I then began to record my own selections...obviously in a
better fashion(I would get the opening credits and cut out any
commercials if I was recording on basic TV) and I was only 8 yrs old.

Now at the age of 28 I have unlimited access to......the Vault!

I will be scanning the tapes looking for movies that affected my life.
I will be going back as far as I can to find the early movies that
moved me(mainly horror, comedy, and action flicks.) I will
painstakingly try to read the labels and find any unlabeled
treasures....and of course all the blank tapes that have no labels at
all!!! Those are the ones with recordings of award ceremonys, live
concerts, and sex scenes!

I will try to provide a fun look at serious movies and the serious flaws of bad ones.

Thanks to Julius_Goat for providing his own blog for great
entertainment which led me to this one and the opportunity to write

And now the Vault opens....

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Julius_Goat said...

Welcome to the show.