Tuesday, August 18, 2009

17 Again and again and again

I went into 17 Again, starring Zac Ephron and Dawn Summers from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer show (inspiration for my nom de blog) with zero to negative expectations.
But on yet another dull Friday night in the Summers household, it fit the bill perfectly: in stock and unseen.
The movie damn near immediately won me over with Zac Ephron busting a move to Ton Loc's "Bust a Move!"
That's how songs are supposed to work in movies!! T
he movie was sheer cinematic genius from there. Plot is fairly simple, middle aged man, unhappy in his dead-end job and about to be divorced, longs for his halcyon high school days and Voila!
Presto Chango.
Dawn Summers gets to ogle hottie Zac Ephron instead of groan about Eeyorish Matthew Perry. (He plays Chandler from Friends in EVERYTHING!) The movie is funny and touching, if predictable at times (of course, his daughter has to fall for him.) I did NOT like the relationship between his geeky best friend and the principal, though. And I try not to wonder how his daughter is still in high school after 20 years, if he supposedly had to give up his dreams of going to college because he had her straight out of high school. How many times can you get left back in the age of social promotion?
But in every other respect, 17 Again is fun for the whole family! And may become the first movie I've bought in a long time.

Zac Ephron forever.


Alceste said...

So much for building up one's movie reviewer credibility with a new audience.

Dawn Summers said...

Shut it. You will watch 17 again, you will love it and you will thank me.

Astin said...

Ton Loc's Bust a Move? Really? And you call yourself black?

Young MC did Bust a Move. Ton Loc did Wild Thing and Funky Cold Medina (co-written by Young MC).

Julius_Goat said...

They were heady days. DJ Jazzy Jeff still thought he was the equal of the Fresh Prince, Tupac was doing the Humpty Dance, and a young man named Vanilla Ice became the first Lego figurine with a record deal.

But still, how do you forget who sang Bust A Move?

Astin's doggin' Dawn Summers' bloggin'
She claims hip hop but she's just leap-froggin'
We thought that her rep was made of teflon,
But then she fell in love with Disney bot Zac Ephron

Now she's drooling
But she ain't fooling
Anybody over thirty, stone cold rap old schooling
Young MC is the one, we'll prove?
Don't know what do do? Well just bust a move.

Ah ah, hey hey hey
Ah ah, hey hey hey

Dawn Summers said...

Oh man. *headhang* #epicfail Yes. Young MC. Please don't tell. I think Al Sharpton personally comes to the house and kicks you in the head for screwing up "rap artists" until a Canadian corrects you. waaa

loona said...

Dude, I so want to be there when Al Sharpton comes to kick your ass.

And there is no way I'm going to be watching this film unless one of my nephews breaks it out next week and I am forced to watch it.


Alceste said...

I actually saw it on a plane -- it wasn't horrible, but not much there to recommend (indeed, ogling ephron appears to be the main plus from your review) -- the interactions I found sonewhat amusing were zac/friend, zac/son and friend/principal -- the other love relationships were more creepy than "touching" (watching leslie mann ogle ephron - her son's "17-year old" friend - and trachtenberg jump her dad's bones just did not work for me on any level).