Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Greatness of The Coen Brothers

There aren't many directors with the stable of great movies and great moments as Joel and Ethan Cohen. The depth and range of their ability and their tone is astonishing; they can shift from broad comedy to horror effortlessly and sometimes within the same movie. Whatever you may think of No Country For Old Men (and I thought it was pretty good, though I'm not sure their stab at profundity worked at the end), for which they just picked up the big Oscars, you've got to say that the recognition was overdue.

I dare you to watch the clip and not want to watch every one of their movies. It's a murderer's row of classics, and even the failures are interesting failures.



Mike Maloney said...

Cool clip Goat. I have seen a number of their films, and enjoyed them all, and there are definitely a few that I haven't seen and I hate that I haven't seen them.

Astin said...

No Country = great
O Brother = One of my all time faves

Fargo = Hated it
Lebowski = Ditto

go figure.

But I do envy John Goodman... carte blanche to be in any Cohen Bros movie he wants it seems.

muhctim said...

Miller's Crossing was brilliant
The Dude became the name of our next dog after watching Lebowski.
Eve now, I like O Brother better every time I see it. I can do without Fargo--but it had its moments, as did No Country. You are right--even the misses hit something.
I actually just discovered this blog of yours. I knew you were hilarious and talented. Quite the film afficianado too. Thanks for taking time to post these clips and comments. I certainly enjoy viewing and reading.